We are a very small, woman owned business.

Our clothing are made with earth friendly fabrics and non toxic dyes. Produced in small batches, sewn with love and dignity. We hope to make sustainable and ethical clothing easy and accesible.

  • Water Pollution

    20% of global water pollution comes from textile dyeing.

  • Microplastics

    35% of microplastics in oceans come from clothing.

  • Human Rights

    93% of brands aren’t paying garment workers a living wage. Oftentimes working in poor conditions.

  • Marketing

    The industry is filled with images and ideas of women that are problematic, unrealistic and psychologically harmful. 

  • Greenwashing

    Rise of green washing. Brands are now making things seem eco friendly without it actually being so.

  • Waste

    3 out of 5 fast fashion items end up in a landfill. We discard 92 million tons of clothes-related waste each year. That’s a garbage truck full of clothes every second.