Shipping and Delivery

Do you ship world wide?

No, not anymore. We used to. But we scaled down to focus locally.

How much is shipping?

P200 for Metro Manila

How long will my order get to me?

2-3 Business Days

Do you do returns or exchanges?

Yes, just send us a message on IG.


Where are TAHANI tops manufactured?

Our tops are sewn in Metro Manila, Philippines. Our partner manufacturer specializes in sustainability from the dying process, the labor, and repurposing all left over fabrics. 

How is the manufacturing process ethical?

Our partner manufacturer ensures that the Titas (aunties) sewing our clothes are paid a true living wage - higher than the normal accepted market wages. They have great working conditions and benefits, which isn't common in the industry.

How are TAHANI tops better for the environment?

1. We use biodegradable textiles such as linen and cotton.

2. The dying process of the fabrics does not leak toxic wastes into our water systems.

3. There are no discarded waste. The manufacturer repurposes left over materials for new products.



US Standard Sizing

US 6 - Small

US 8 - Medium

US 10 - Large