About Us


Our tops are made only out of linen and organic cotton. We ensure that the dyeing process doesn't leak chemicals into the environment. There are no wastage as left over and scrap fabrics are repurposed.

With confidence

Here at TAHANI, we want to create clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. Our fabrics feel good on the skin, especially for hotter climates. We pride ourself for our quality made unique designs at better prices. Our designs are meant to be worn by women of all background and ages. TAHANI tops are well loved from cool mothers, to teens and preteens. 

Easy and accessible

Our first batch comes in limited sizes, but future releases will come in a wider range of sizes.

With our partner DHL, we are able to offer express delivery of 3-5 days wherever you are in the world. Because we are a very small company, our shipping rates are not in our hands but in DHLs.


I am a 28 year old girl from a 3rd world country. I started TAHANI due to the frustration I felt with the fashion industry, including the slow fashion movement. Firstly, most sustainable ethical brands are just too expensive for me. Secondly, a lot of them don't ship to a developing country like mine. I felt sustainable fashion was just out of reach for someone of my income level and country of origin. Thus, TAHANI was born - making more affordable clothing accessible to all.

All of TAHANI's top was designed by Janinna Santos, a designer also passionate about zero waste fashion. Find her at @aliasnona on Instagram.